Posted by: luvin | February 2, 2009

2010 Rp Election

Barack Obama is a symbolic president, and the americans are looking at him as a savior that would lead them out of the crisis. For them he is like Moses who lead the Jews out of the plague laden Egypt, which America is now.

Do Philippines need a Obama? It is very interesting to note that a number of presidential wannabees shamelessly liken themselves to Obama. Binay was the first one, Estrada followed, and lately the handlers of Chiz E is singing the same tune. I will not be surprise if Mama Loren will soon annonced the lady Obama. Is this  the creativity of our leaders that will usher the country out of the economic plague that the country has been for so long? What made Manong Ernie to think that the ousted Estrada is the pinoy Obama. Or maybe I failed to see the similarities between Obama and Binay. Escudero is naturally the closest we got, and I won’t be surprise if his handlers will lap it up.

But do we really need the leader with the Obama mistique? Our history is replete with examples of mismanagement and misadventures. What we have are the Marcos mistakes, and the Erap mistakes. Pilipino leaders are generally very unlike Obama-who may not be the brightest lawyer in America, but he is Harvard trained. The kind of educational training that Mama Miriam would like to bragged she got, and other fungus faced ignoramuses do not even realize the importance. She is so proud of her education pedigree that she developed the gall the call other legislators names and challenges anyone to a debate, except the labandera-cum economist Madam Monsod.

I am just wondering what would Obama do if he is the President of the Philippine Republic? In here, he cannot ask congress for an economic stimulus package.Because in the first place there is no money hidden somewhere that could be use, unless of course if they can hide the bukol. He cannot ask the World Bank for more infrastructure assistance because the pinoy firms are already banned from doing business with them. He cannot ask the chinese to invest here because they apparently have not yet recovered from the ZTE brouhaha. He does not have the congress that represents their constituents, rather a congressmen that reptresent themselves. 

Obama would have an easier task in solving the American crisis than for him to lead Philippines to economic bliss. American crisis is simply about finances, it is about foreign policies, and its implication to the lives of the american people.  Cultural corruption and traditional mediocrity is harder to solve, and it is the problem that plagues Philippines. The american problem is very clear, it defined. The philippine problem is vague, and we have leaders and aspiring leaders who have not clear idea on how where to lead this country. At best, what we have are leaders with myopic view of how to govern and where to lead its people. That not a thousand Obama could answer. 

What we need is systems change. From a very centric governance to one that empowers the countryside. No matter who our leader is, if we still have thesame setup, we will end up with thesame misery.


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