Posted by: luvin | January 17, 2009

Corruption, Corruption

Corruption in the Philippines is a manifestation of a flawed system, a symptom of a decaying culture, the virus that damages the tiniest moral fibers . This is a failure by the government leaders, by the church leaders, and by the people themselves.

Needless to state in bold letters. Our’s is a corrupt society, both in public and private. Rare could you find a person who abhors corruption and is not ivolve with it, or partake in those pie. Most of us would profess strong stand against it but would not have enough strength to refuse.

Those who oppose this government are wont to highlight the corrupt practices of this government but they themselves are corrupt. Even the left leaning progressive group could only utter a lame excuse that they are the lesser evil. How less, I don’t know. If this government is 90% corrupt in its dealings, then perhaps we are being offered an option of say 89% corrupt.

The international community is well aware of this fact, and even rating agencies and international watchdogs placed us on top of the list of most corrupt countries in the world. Recently, the World Bank suspended seven companies who were involve in rigging the process for road construction projects in the country. And the incorruptible leaders in congress are again in the forefront of investigation. We soon find ourselves engulf in a frenzy of congressional investigation, to finally put an end to this malaise.

Pathetic. I no longer dream of finding a solution to this cancerous exercise.  I will no longer fight it frontally. Rather, I will only watch my conduct, avoid those corrupt practices as best as I could. At least I could be assured that with every avoidance I make, I am sure that one corrupt action failed to materialize.

This at least is an act, better than the prayers of many lay leaders who many are equally corrupt. I remember one catholic bishop who publicly admitted to accepting money from questinalble sources. He said that he does not care where the money comes from, as long as it will be for good use. This kind of attitude from our church leaders contributed greatly to the  ‘culturalization’ of corrupti0n. This despite the fact that so many church leaders are directly involve in corrupt practices. Unless you are a devoute believer in your priest, or pastor that  you virtually see a holyman in them, there is no reason why you are not aware of many scandals involving the men in white robes.

Corruption in the real sense is a fall of the moral uprightness of the people, and hence it is a basically a failure on the part of the moral guardians. If there is somebody to blame for this malady, the first one should be the church leaders. The government leaders comes in second.

Irony of ironies, it is them who are called HONORABLE, HOLY FATHER, the abhorred icons of society.


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