Posted by: luvin | January 8, 2009

The politics of education

Education should ideally be free from political malice because when the dirty hands of politics dips into the enclave of the educators the result is as chaotic as politics. And educators are not wont into ignoring or resolving the often malicios political intents.

Case in point is the selection of the new president for the University of Southern Mindanao. The winner is the popular choise.

The question is; if some politicians did not intervene, would Jesus Direje Jr. become the present president of the university? Rumors has abound that a most powerful politician in the country played god, thus the installation of the new president went through. This despite the fact that a leading paper (PDI) published a story that the installation of Dr. Direje will not come through because of a protest and complaint from the faculty and staff.

It appeared that there was an attempted negative propaganda aimed at Dr. Direje. What happened was that the losing candidate solicited the assistance of a popular local politician, and painted some negative images about the winning candidate, which the politician perhaps thinking about possible vote he may later garner if he could make some noise about the event, believe without even bothering to check the veracity of the lies being peddled to him. Together with the losing candidate, the politician became the courier of the lies, and together they started the blietzkrieg. Unfortunately for them, the political backer of the target is equally savvy thus the attempted restraining move did not materialize.

Confusion insued inside the campus, and the local journalist went agog about it, adding more confusion to the situation. Tension went very high, to the point that the winning candidate have to be secured by presidential guards (PSG) due to the apparent threat to his life. 

Fortunately, the installation pushed through, and the University of southern Mindanao now have a new president. The politician suffered a blackeye, and the Philippine Daily Inquirer was “nakuryente”. The broadsheet have to print a rejoinder 8 hours later of the  same day.

This is the result when political hands  are trying to play god.




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