Posted by: luvin | December 28, 2008

Senate’s Budget for SUC’s

I was not about to post anything today as I am not feeling well, but reading a report about the senates proposed budget for State Colleges and Universities got into my skin.

Imagine this. The Senate reduces the budget of 21 state universities by a whooping 321 million pesos. So these senators think that their PORK BARREL is more important than the education of the young people from the provinces who have no other means of a better education than their local state universities. Nakakahiya.

And to add insult to the already impoverished existence of the local people, they increased the budget for UP by 362 million pesos. I have nothing against UP, because in the first place its is not their fault if they are the premier university in the country, but to reduce the budget of other provincial universities, and increasing the UP’s budget equivalent to about 47  of the other provincial universities is astonishing. BAKIT? UP lang ba ang importante sa Pilipinas when it comes to education. That very large difference in budget allocation is the very reason why UP is performing better than other univerisities. If these moronic senators would only try to think a little harder, they would realize that if they provide the same amount to Leyte State University in Baybay Leyte, that university will challenge the excellence of UP.

This is the kind of attention that provincial institution get from Manila centric politicians that is fueling the people from the provinces towards federalism.

The same reason why I would  prefer to have the senate abolished and to have a unicameral legislature.



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