Posted by: luvin | December 23, 2008


Recently, SWS came out with a survey on HUNGER, and the result would shows not a merry christmas for many filipinos. The news was headlined in the news papers to sound like an all time high’s. Metro Manila people are now experiencing hunger, 23% of them, and that is an all time high. Mindanao is worst hit by this picture. 34% of its people is hungry. That means 1 of every 3 mindanaoan is experiencing hunger. (See SWS survey on Hunger)

(With that picture, it is not far fetch for filipinos, Mindanaoans in particular to look for the proverbial greener pasture.

Lately though, Pulse Asia came out with a survey about HOPELESSNESS.  The survey tried to find out how the filipinos think of their country. The question sounds like this; is the philippines hopeless? Would you like to migrate to another country?

 Some filipinos agreed that Philippines is hopeless, with the greater percentage of agreement coming from NCR. On the contrary, about 80% of people from Mindanao sees the country as hopeless.  (See Pulse Asia survey on HOPELESSNESS). Mindanaoans also are less inclined to migrate.

There seem to be disagreement with these two surveys. If people from Mindanao are getting hungrier, why is it that they are less inclined to migrate to other country. If people from Mindanao are getting hungrier, why is it that they don’t view this country as hopeless?

On the other hand, the SWS surveys says that Metro Manila people are less hungry. But why is it that they are more hopeless, that they are most likely to migrate?

Is being hungry not a contibutor to a persons positive outlook? Natural instict would dictate that hunger is one of the strongest determining factor in anyperson’s decision.  If people of Mindanao is getting hungrier, their natural tendency then is to look for greener pasture, to migrate to outher countries.

But they are not migrating, which only tell of something else, somebody is not telling the truth in this survey, or that someone is trying to paint a bad picture.  There is a big difference between reporting of a fact and promoting of a view.


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