Posted by: luvin | December 14, 2008

Why I want the constitution amended?

 1.  Too much power is concentrated in Manila, that it makes the country’s progress and development hostage to the decision makers in one part of country alone. There are other equally capable leaders in this country and there are equally resource rich regions, and they should be given equal opportunity to contribute to the development of this country. (To view it quite differently; the country’s dismal socio-economic development is due to this preferential development approach, where only those who has the link to the powers that be would have something to give to their locale, resulting to a developmental neglect for the greater part of the country.)


2.   We have tried this system for so long, and the time is ripe for us to accept the fact that at best it has shown spotty development.


3.  It will help localize the Moro insurgency problem that has given the country black eyes. The approach (where the national leadership is task to solve the problem, that to say the least, they have little real knowledge on the sentiments and inner cravings of the people) from the top tiers of government failed to solve the conflict, and it only proves that the approach is not working.

4.  That our problem is not only the present leadership, but also those who were salivating to be at the palace. Our problem is not only the politicians but also the priest and nuns who are acting like politicians. (If our politicians should be lambasted because of their shameless practices, so should we castigate these priest and priestesses who are shamelessly promoting unrest in this country, shame on them, holier than thou whose ilk have fathered so many girls in their  parishes). Because with the present set up, they have the power that could sabotage even the slightest economic gain that some or our well meaning leaders work on, specially when they are politically apart.

5.  Our electoral system tend to produce mediocre leaders. Our multiparty system instead of functioning as a leveling system, have become the crack where the chopsuey parties emanates. And the free for all system have given too much advantage to those who are financially capable. It is even worse than the two party system of the yesteryears. Perhaps it would be better if we have specific number of parties, but fixed number of parties.

6.  We should be investor friendly. China is progressing by double digits because of that, same with Vietnam. It is proven over the years that our local investors and financiers are not capable of fueling a sustained national economic development. So it is about time that we seek international ivestment.



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