Posted by: luvin | December 11, 2008

To chacha or not?

Gloria is so hated that anything attached to her is so bitter.

The main reason why many quarter are against the move to change the constitution is the fear that she may stay in power beyond 2010.

The people behind this scenario is so succesful in creating this fear. If I remember it right, the first salvo that they feed to the media is the thought that Gloria is the most hated president of all time. That the Philippines is suffering because of her stay in the Palace by the Pasig river. They bombarded the filipino people with that thought until it got a semblance of a fact. So now it is.

The second page of the story is the idea that she and her ilk are planning something so they would stay in power forever. They then back it with a survey by SWS. A survey that is loaded. (I don’t like to dwell on it because it sucks).

These people are so good. They played their cards wo cleverly that it is almost impossible to make even a slight chance against them.

Seldom could we hear a point by point debate about the matter. The Philippine Daily Inquirer for example gives ample space for the resistance, that people or group of people are against charter change. It would be ideal , if they would encourage the debate why the pros and cons. Of course they could always deny it.

It would be better if the media would do something to clear things out. An honest to goodness effort to facilitate the debate.


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