Posted by: luvin | December 5, 2008

Chances Are

Of course I love to see Manny winning against Dela Hoya. I mean, not by a unanimous decision but by a vicious KO. That is my dream match.

I can’t help it. I am a Filipino, and he is one of the few pinoys that gives us reason to be proud to be pinoys. I also have followed his battles since he first appeared in Blow By Blow -the tv show that first showed Manny Pacquiao, the relentless fighter. I could still remember how noisy the people who would go and watch the Manny Pacquiao fight on tv. Our neighbors would go in our house to watch tv the early 90’s when there where still only a few tv available in our barrios. One of those guys who frequent our house was a former sparring partner of Pacquiao whose comment turned out later in Manny’s carreer to be so true. “I can take his power, but it’s the volume of punches that I can’t handle. He can’t knock me down with one punch, but I have difficulty breathing because punches are coming one after another, faster than I could inhale. Daw ga ulan sang inumol. (It’s like raining fist). In our sparring I would stop, not because I’m hurt, but because I’m drowned.”

Win or loss I would be rooting for Manny as I did before. My natural analytical insticts would tend to get me worried. De la Hoya is bigger and taller. And I feel that Oscar has better chances of winning. I have the same aprehension when Manny first fought Barrera. I am for Manny but I am not so sure of him winning  because Barrera is bigger.

But how do I anticipate the fight. In the first round, Manny and Oscar will be feeling out each other.  In the second round, Oscar would try to deliver his patented jabs, and Manny would be popping in and out and try to sneek in one or two shots of his own. Dela Hoya, would try harder in the third, knowing that he can never match Manny in the realm of stamina and relentlessness. He would be looking for the kill until the sixth round. Manny would back pedal, side step sometimes, and would also be delivering some telling blows to dela Hoya, but not yet in regular fashion. By the seventh round, Dela Hoya would be slowly fading, and his jabs will slowly disappear. By the ninth round, he wil be ready for the picking, but he will be very evasive. He would shift to a defensive mode, but Manny will swarm him, and just like Barrera, Oscar’s corner will wave the white towel in the 11th round.


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