Posted by: luvin | December 4, 2008

Hot Issue

If there is one lesson I’ve learned this past few weeks or month, it is on how to sell an event or an idea. Recently, after the MOA -AD imbroglio, the hot topics that hugged the headlines were the Fertilizer re-hash issue, the opposition to the charter change moves.

I am appalled at the reasons given by those who profess to be pushisng for the truth and  for the good of the country. Except for some new twist, all points have been presented before, yet again the editorial people are lapping it up. The way it is being presented is isulting to the intelligence of the reading and listening people, even if it may arguably be said that the Filipino people are a step lower in this regard.

But ironies of ironies, the ideas sells.  And it sell really good.

This really have me to believe, that no matter how badly written a book (product or idea) is, even if it has no relevance to the lives of the buying people, there are ways and maneuvers that would encourage people to support what is being sold.

But if there is one event that tops all these selling frenzie, it is the Dream Match. When that December fight was announced, many are against it. People called it a circus. A great mismatch. But as the fight schedule is coming to reality, the betting odd are getting closer, and many critics are changing tunes, specially after reading and watching the write ups, the sports columns, blogs, 24/7 shows. Even if you are aware that all these things are part of the hype, it cannot be helped but to be carried by the strong current being generated by the high powered maneuver.

Interest is now very high, and I won’t be surprise if the PPV would hit its target even in this time of recession. Presidential wannabes should learn the intricacies of this hyping business if they really want to hit the jackpot.


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