Posted by: luvin | November 27, 2008

Charter Change, We Must

It is cha-cha time once again, and most likely, the hate side, the ugly twist, the negative pictures will again dominate the headlines.

I would really love to dance the cha-cha, even if that would mean only a small window leading towards a more autonomous local government, or a federated Philippines. But I could not think of some other method to convince the oppositors to dance with me.

Its is never easy to change, even if change in America, can be. Maybe the only thing left for me is to write, and write, until my finger bleeds. I am like a son who would like to live a life of my own, manage my own affairs, budget my own income, for I am mature enough and strong enough to stand on my own feet; but the cultural and traditional practice prohibits me to do so, but most especially, my authoritarian father would never allow me to go away to on my own. He has complete control over me since I was a child, and I can’t seem to find enough ways to convince him that I am now ready to be on my own.

Maybe he is afraid that I would abandone him, or maybe he is only after the brawn that he can extract from my body. Maybe he is afraid that if I could have my way, time will come that I will challenge him for the leadership in our clan, or maybe he is simply shortsighted not to see the advantage of me coming to my own terms. Maybe he can never see the possibility that the two of us could work together and help our family grow and progress better.

My father is a good man, he did the best he could, he made me what I am today. And now, I am my own man. Not a perfect man, nor a perfect replica of my father, or the man he wanted me to be. But a man who could stand on my own. Whether he likes it or not, time will come that that dream of mine will come to reality.

I don’t want to fight him, for I know that like nations who went to war in pursuit of freedom, instead I would lost more time to gain the progress we so desired. I have to be patient, but I will continue to plow on, until he is convince that it is to our own good that I decide and manage what is good for me.

This is my prayer to all the politicians, specially those in Metro Manila and some parts of Luzon, please give us more freedom, please allow us to define our own future. We may not share thesame ideals on how best to run this country, but we have our own lives to manage, as you have yours.


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