Posted by: luvin | September 30, 2008

Federalism and Economic Progress

Granting the moros their domain, where they could work towards the realization of their aspiration, where they could practice their religion, where their cultural practices may be cultivated, the big question for me is; would they enjoy the economic and political freedom they so desire.

Will full autonomy, semi-autonomy, or federal form usher them to the economic bliss that everyone of them so desires? I am asking this question because of historical lessons, that after every war, the spoils of war are simply being divided by the leaders ONLY AMONG THEMSELVES. And the people are left with nothing, and eventually, a new group emerges to claim for their fair share.

The moro traditional practice of Datuism is a Damocles sword that hangs over the aspiration of the poor and ordinary muslim folks. Will this ancient practice still be practicable in the modern times? Good, if some one comes along with the skills and the heart of Sultan Qudarat, but what will happen to them if the leaders that will emerge will be like the one that builds palaces for themselves and their sons, to the detritment of the general moro populace. The chances that the later will happen is more real than for real good leaders whose heart is trully for their people.

I do not subscribe to the idea to let the moros solve their own political dynamics, because their is a great possibility that they will never solve their problem specially when they resort to old practices like rido, and other non moros will naturally be affected by conflicts that will emanate from such practices.

I am also always reminded of the the semi autonomous people living along the borders of Afghanistan and pakistan, that are source of so much problem now for Pakistan and other neighboring countries.

These are only some of my reservations, however, I would still go for federalism as a solution to this 40 year old mindanao conflict.


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