Posted by: luvin | September 15, 2008

Free Philippines From Mindanao

The problem in Mindanao will never go away, and it will drag the whole country down. So there are only two ways to go for the Philippines, find a definitive solution to the Mindanao problem, which the government tried to do for the last 40 years but apparently failed to find; or let go of Mindanao, free Philippines from the quagmire that is Mindanao.

Sooner of later it will come to that point, because that is the only sane thing to do. As a Mindanaoan, I will not begrudge the power that be in Manila if they will find Mindanao to be a pain in the neck.  Because the fact is, the future of Mindanao is so muddled in the conflicting battle between the ancestral and historical rights of the moros versus the earned right and political might of the new settlers. Both are rights that are bombs ready to explode when subjugated.

The struggle for self determination is not only unique to the Moro people. It is a stuggle that is also shared by most Mindanaoans. It is a struggle, however, that has become a hindrance towards national progress.

This four decade problem has become a financial  scourge for a poor country like the Philippines. For one, there is not enough money available to finance the basic necessities like food or  funds of infrstructure needs, yet the government is spending billions of pesos in waging an unwinnable war.  How many billions more are we going to spend before we open our eyes to this reality? How many hungry mouth will be deprive of food because the money intended to rice is spent for ammunition?

And to add more pain, how many billions are we going to loss because of missed opportunities. Investors will come to this war torn country in trickles. Foreign business are not enclined to come in because of the questionable governance of our corrupt officials, and if exploding scandals will never encourage them to invest, exploding bombs will scare them even more.

This internal wranggling has  caused our downfall, and we being left behind by everybody. Almost all our ASEAN neighbors are progressing with few exceptions. Thailand is now about thirty years ahead of us (meaning, even if we put our acts together, we still have to work hard for thirty years before we reach the level where Thailand is now in). Malaysia is even father, and Japan, the country that we always love to compare ourselves with, is far far ahead. I seriously doubt if we can enjoy the status of Japan in 100 years.

Unless we could find a definitive solution to this problem now, this country will have nowhere to go but down. This monster is growing rapidly, and it is swallowing this country by the second that it is alowed to live. Soon the conflict will not only be limited to muslim mindanao, like in Iraq in Pakistan, bombs will eplode in the peopled markets in the urban cities. It is not far fetched to think of the possibility of this country becoming the Afghanistan of South East Asia. And sooner, people in Manila will shout, “free this country from Mindanao.”


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