Posted by: luvin | August 20, 2008

Piecemeal Solution

There is war. Yes. And yes, the solution is political, but the non-moros in Mindanao would like to be part of it. Not only you, or other peace shouting NGO’s. We should all be part of it.

The peace process that some group is espousing, which incidentally have similar framework with western backed processes, have been manipulated by the MILF to fit their agenda. That and the centralized decision making is being leveraged to gain the necessary status. In international law they call it belligerent status. In local parlance para ma pansin.


The strategy is very obvious. Make a declaration of war, prove that you can really fight the authority, aspire for belligerency. Then seek for independence. They made it very clear and they are successful in that aspect. Second, when attacked by the government forces, retaliate sporadically to create the Darfur Effect. Announced to the whole world  the inhuman condition of the evacues, and let the international pressure groups force the government talk peace with the rebel group. This is already worn out, yet it still works. And it will still be used later on because there is no assurance that talking with one group would end the war.

The Maguindnaos have different temperaments and aspirations  with the Maranaws, so are the Tausogs. Pagudadato’s, Dimaporos and Ampatuans are totally on a different track now. Include all other splinter group and it becomes apparent that this piecemeal peace solution will not work.

Here’s another fact which those in the negotiating table, or those in the propaganda war always forgot. Inspite of this war, that disturbed the lives of Mindanaoans, progress is slowly creeping in the provinces outside of ARMM. Meaning, for people here, the moros terroristic antics does not work, nor does it deter the people from pursuing other endeavors. Life goes on. This war or the resolution is not the only endeavor that man has to contend with.

The moros have legimate demands, so do we non moros. We also would like to be free from the dictates of Manila. We also dream of self determination. We would also like to practice our religios beliefs as they practice theirs.

One solution that I would venture is to let the people here in Mindanao offer a solution. Let them solve this problem. They have been with this problem for so long that it is stupid for some people in Mars to think that only them know how to do it.


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