Posted by: luvin | August 16, 2008

Sport. How to win the Olympic Gold

After more than three weeks (and 40 years) of war and peace, I decided to watch the olympic games because my blood pressure increases with every debacle that this government have regarding Mindanao.

I know, I know…where your thought is drifting. another debacle, another failure. I will no longer belabor how our athlete failed. But I can’t help but make some comments. Just allow me some.

The first participant. The shooter landed 35th out of 35 contestant.  this is the result of a limited selection process. There are many people here in Mindanao who could handle guns with ease. The olympic leadership should go in Mindanao when they do select shooters for the olympics. Instead of having the MILF and the military shooting against each other they should compete for the olympics.

General Yano who hails from Zamboanga should be happy that the weightlifter from Zamboanga did very well. At 17, the filipinos could hope for a medal in London. This is one reason why Celso Lobregat is no longer freaking out. Sports leaders should learn from this. I don’t understand the wisdom of this, when choosing for a weightlifter….why choose from Ate….o, and or the alternate from La S..le.

Seriously, what should we do to win the olympic gold. There are three sure fire solution.

1. Let us focus on basketball. Even if our average height is only 4’11 we can do it. Let us pour all our resources on basketball, neglect other sports, learn how to speak english well, and lo and behold by 2012 we will win the gold in basketball.

2. Naturalized Michael Phelps. Any way philippine sports journalist goes gaga everytime he wins.

3. Invade China.

Sorry. I’m still in fighting form. 


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