Posted by: luvin | August 7, 2008

A mindanaoan aspiration

The brouhaha sorrounding the GRP-MILG peace agreement has brought the sentiments of the people of mindanao on the forefront. Why do mindanaoans reacted so stronly. Reading the comments, it is very apparent that the ‘peeve’ was due mainly to a simple reason, of not having their own control with regards to their future.

As a mindanaoan, I would like to have my say what direction I would take. What goal I should set, or what food I should eat. My natural resources should also be utilized by my people, and be manage by my people for my people.

With regards to peace. I would like a peaceful residence, and thus a peaceful mindanao. I have no problem with the moros, but I don’t like terrorism. If the government would like to broker peace with any rebel group; I would like to be represented by my choosen negotiator, not someone from america, not someone from europe, not someone from Luzon, but a person from my province, who lives here. I would like to be informed as to what points are being put on the table.

Leadership. I would like a leader of my choice, not because of his/her religious affiliation, not because of his/her ancestral origin, not because of his closeness to the powers that be; rather a leader who would stand by me in time of crisis, a leader who would usher the much needed peace and progress to my homeland. A leader who would make my dream become a reality.


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