Posted by: luvin | July 29, 2008


Yesterday President Arroyo pictured a positive nation as of 2008. She cited statistical performance during her tenure from 2001 to 2007-2008. Do I believe her? Is she telling the truth? Naturally she would report her accomplishment but not her failures. This is the compelling reason why the PDInquirer published a counter SONA, they headlined the True State of the Nation.

However, there are unsettling trend with there presentation which I would like cite here. The statistical data they are referring to are generally taken from SWS, why? is Ibon foundation not trustworthy enough? How about Pulse asia? And the construction of the question is a bit bias to say the lest.  Look at the date when surveys were conducted. Those cited range from 2003 to 2008. This is selective reporting that does not give an accurate picture, but the negative one that writers would like to paint. Here are samples of the cited statistics.

Poverty: 50% of Filipinos are poor. This is according to a survey conducted by SWS last March 2008. What is the bases of the said survey? The self rated poverty which is base on perception. Perception is not a sound measuring rod because it is not permanent. It is one with the lowest verifiable value.

Unemployment: 8%, NSO 2008; it also stated a 2006 OWWA report that states 1.52 million filipinos leave the counrty to work abroad. That netted the country about 14.4billion US$, but with a foonote; “but at a great social cost.” If this is just a report, the writer should not place a retort at the end.

Education:It featured there the TIMMS study of 2003. What does 2003 means? It means that the study was conducted before 2003, because TRENDS study is not being conducted just once. Whcih most likely would be reflective of the performance of previous administration . (Unfortunately, the state of education in our country, if the writer only presented it properly, showed a downward decline).

The drift of the story is quite obvious. I am wondering whether the editors really think that this is the kind of report or write ups that would propel our country to economic prosperity.


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