Posted by: luvin | July 26, 2008


The government announced the so called breakthrough in their quest for a peaceful solution to the armed conflict in Mindanao. It is being hyped  as the panacea that would solve the four decade struggle. One of contentious aspect of the proposed accord is the juridical entity which includes North Cotabato. The scuttle but have it that the towns of Pikit and Kabacan is included. Pikit and Kabacan borders the other side of the mineral rich Liguasan Marsh. Kabacan is also home to the Province’s lone  university.-The University of Southern Mindanao.

The leadership of the province naturally raised an issue. The people is also making their sentiments heard.  And lately, the military in Cotabato is again on alert status. A bomb exploded nearby, a bomb threat is again up in major towns and the lone city. Why is this happening?

Every time that the negotiation table is up, the terroristic activities is alive. Look at the calendar and you will realize how disparate these rebels are. Is this the kind of people that the government is hoping to lead towards  peace and progress for Mindanao? What are they trying to say? That they can sabotage the image of this country, that they can wreck havoc to this island if their wish is not granted.

If the national government would only do their homework, get the real sentiments of the people, they will realize that giving in to these rebel group is not the solution to this problem. The solution is equal treatment to all inhabitants of this island. Equal leverage to its abundant resources (and not to treat it as a milking cow), and equal decision making specially when it is about its own future.


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