Posted by: luvin | July 15, 2008

The Church and the State

When the man in white robe speaks, the world listens. The ordinary people listens and follows their command en toto. The politicians shivers, and changes government  policies right away. They are more powerful than the generals whose men have guns. The robe is mightier than the sword.

Unfortunately, they don’t contain themselves to the world of morals and religion, they would often wonder and give advice in disciplines where they don’t have the expertise. And yet because of the power of their robes we listen. Why? Some minority don’t pay attention to them but the great majority- c/o the political power brokers do. This is not a very good practice.

I am not inclined to bar them from meddling in government affairs, for just you and me, they have every reason to do so. It is the politicians who should be more careful in weighing their advice. But the politicians….well they are not at any time do something that would results in them losing some very important support comes election time.

Right or wrong, the very apparent result of this practice of the church meddling in the affairs of the state is mediocrity. This is one reason why Philippines is not progressing as well as our neighbors. Look inside the practices of the catholic church, on the conducts of so many priest who fathered so many orphans, who have used the church money for their own personal interests. Priest who are often drunk, priest that smokes heavily, yet have the sagacity to give sermon as if they are saints. I can not understand why people cannot see this. If these priests can not disciplines their likes, if their advices does not work with their fellow priest, why  venture into sermoning the entire world.

The CBCP should be intelligent enough, and not too pretentious in their actions.



  1. I have a post up today about James Madison’s views about the separation of church and state that you might enjoy.

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