Posted by: luvin | June 17, 2008


The Government is providing subsidy for food and electricity. Even if it is not a long term solution, with both hands open, the filipino people will accept it. Opposition senator like Mar Roxas, who is preparing for his presidential candidacy is criticizing  the program, for whatever (political) reason it maybe, the poor won’t look at the reasons, nor the long term impact. What the poor people wants is immediate solution, not grand standing or political mileage.

Unfortunately, the people of mindanao won’t have any of those. Not because people in mindanao are rich, but simply because subsidies  are provided for metro manila  poor folks only.  Statistics  say that a great number of people in mindanao are poor. Four provinces of ARMM  region belong to the poorest provinces of the country. The provinces of Sharif Kabungsuan, and Maguindanao are  threatened with electricity cut off because their  distributor failed to settle their accounts with Napocor.  This is because of poor collection, from poor people.

It is hard to argue against statistical data, but wonders of wonders, the government offers subsidy to the poor of Metro Manila only.


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