Posted by: luvin | June 10, 2008

Day One (school)

The prices of commodities is rushing to unchartered level. Today is the first day of school, at least in the elementary level and other state institutions. I am wondering how parents would adapt to this economic  fluctuation. Apparently, the allowances would go high, but how about the income?

High prices is a problem, but it is a problem that people could easily deal with. In Japan and Europe, prices of commodities are very high yet people can cope because of their high income. Adaptation to this problem is very difficult today because of the instability of the prices. People would do something to adjust to the changes, only to find out in a day or two that another round of increases is coming. The case of oil for example. If the price per litter have been allowed to soar at 45 pesos per litter six months ago, fare should have been adjusted long time ago, and transport people would not be scrambling on how to deal with this problem.

Our situation today is exacerbated by our reactive approach to problems. Have we been proactive, the effect of this dilemma should be manageable.


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