Posted by: luvin | December 13, 2007

federal philippines, when?

The other day, Edilmiro Amante of Agusan  once again echoed the mindanaoan dream of self determination. Sounding like a broken record, this politician is again on a path towards a federal philippines. His voice is echoed by other local government leaders who are equally tired of the stronghold of the central government. 

I enjoyed watching their struggle, and how I wish they would someday succeed. Unfortunately, not everyone shared their passion for a federal philippines. The very next day, some emperialistic leaders, both anti GMA, and defenders of the status quo, opposed the move to ammend the charter to paved the way for a more democratic philippines. The reason given varied, from rational to irritating.

If, as one bishop suggested, we have to change our constitution after 2010, why not start the change now. They argued that it would only lengthen the stay of Gloria beyond 2010, but they never considered the painful struggle of the people of mindanao as well as people from the visayas of freedom from the suffucating control of emperial manila. If Mindanao and Visayas be given greater control of their destiny, if several province in luzon have more leeway on how to use their resources, would it result to a more powerful president?  When the local government units have been freed from the chain of manila, no person will be powerful enough because by then, the powers have already desipated to the countryside.

Give to Ceasar what is due to Ceasar, give to Mindanao what is due to mindanao.


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