Posted by: luvin | April 25, 2007

Election Campaign

There are several electoral variables. Finance is foremost, though issues about governance is the most popular. Unfortunately, issues affect only about 10 percent of the population. (the real fact is the number of intelligent voters which in less developed communities would constitute less than 10 percent). no wonder why even in America, popular personalities such as movie stars wins electoral contests.

Politicians though are more interested in organizational variable or what is commonly called machinery. But what really is machinery and how much effect does it have on electoral victory. Some analyst would opine a 20 percent effect to a high of 35 percent. From machinery comes the command votes, though command votes contributes about 10 percent only.  Leaders of course carries with them considerable enfluence, but times changes as the education of the electorates increases, leaders strong hand effect diminishes. In machinery another important factor is the level of organization, and what task do members of the organization does to enfluence or promote the voters. Leaders in the local areas should first be responsible for the awareness campaign. Candidates should be known to the people. The higher the awareness rating, the greater the chances that their candidate would win. Second important aspect of campaign is the promotion aspect. How are your leaders or promoter (in the mold of the sales people) promoting the candidate? Aside from the very convincing vision or platform of government, the candidates greatness or good values must be highlighted, must be know to the people, so that they would appreciate his/her fitness to the task ahead.

A safe machinery effect would be around 30 percent. (10 from command votes, 10 from awareness campaign, and 1o from promotion). 


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