Posted by: luvin | April 1, 2007

My Candidate

I am helping a local candidate running for a congressional position for the May 2007 election. Like other political candidate, my candidate is also pro poor, and he likewise believe to be the best antidote to the rotten crop of  current politician. He professes to be running on true service for the people. He promises to be different. Of course we all know that he will end up with thesame color, the same performance. And his people will recieve thesame or similar treatment, similar performance.

My candidate is…………sadly not very unlike other candidates, and it is not unrealistic for me not to cringe in inner pain when he speaks. Sometimes I am tempted to let go, not to participate in this kind of irrational dynamics anymore. But then if I won’t, I other people will no longer participate, if all the rational people will be indifferent, what will happen to us?

The immediate result would be perpetuation of incompetence, and continuations of arrogant ignorance. So I would rather close my eyes and ears on their negatives, and focus instead on the little things that I could possibly contribute to this country.

So to all the people who have the expertise and the enfluence, please help your country.


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