Posted by: luvin | March 21, 2007

Effective vs Efficient Leadership

Corruption is a problem that hounds almost all government and private organizations. In developing countries where financial resources is scarce, corruption problem is viewed as bigger problem. And since  governement revenue is small, it is more painful to realize that politicians are regularly dipping their fingers on it, and still postures themselves as saviour of the deprived citezenry. It is no wonder that those in the opposite camp, both the orthodox politician and the issue driven activist, are having enough issues to raised agains those who are in power. Unfortunately,  they are more consumed on showing the shortcomings of the governement than presenting alternatives. 

Yes, corruption is a problem, but progress could still be attained as shown by other countries that improved (ex. china, thailand) despite massive corruption. For a developing country, what is needed is effective leadership. Basic structure, physical and social, should first be effectively put in place. Corruption is a problem about efficiency, but like an inefficient car, it could still move. It should be arrested, but it should not be the focus of our effort.

Effective leadership means delivery of the needed goods. While efficient leadershilp means delivery of the goods with less waste. Politicians (unfortunately, many are corrupt) are effective leaders, and it is them who delivers the goods. Efficient managers are better alternative, but are often lacking in charisma to deliver the goods.


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