Posted by: luvin | March 14, 2007


Its is election time again, and filipinos will again be carressed to vote for the best leader with the hope of empowering somebody that would help them cut the chain of poverty. A look back to past election, we heard thesame sound bytes, same rhetoric, and we got thesame result.

Our system have so many flaws; the electoral, the form of government, our economic laws, and one which I find suffocating is the Metro Manilans posture-believing that in this country they are the best, and they know the best for the rest of the country.

Our candidates are mostly product of PR and advertising twist,  most are devoid of genuine knowledge and skills to manage a government office.  Yes Allan Pester Cayetano have all the rights to run, but definitely their are other more qualified than him. Koku Pemintel, is a bar topnotcher, and is maybe equipped, but my, he should have waited for his father to retire from politics before he offers his legal expertise to the people. Apparently the father and son politicos realize that when Nene is out, the coco will never have the slimmest chance of becoming a public servant (he can’t even unseat Emano in Cagayan de Oro), (But if he will relocate his family for several years here in Mindanao, perhaps coco will have my sympathy).

Let us have a election system where candidates are elected, not appointed by their kuyas or uncles, (for some by their papas and their mamas). Si John Osmenya could nominate someone but himself, so is Joker Arroyo. There are younger leaders, and it should be them who should get hold of the reign.

Visayas and Mindanao people are clamoring for equitable share in the senate, that for so long have been controled by Luzon politicians. Anong alam ni Allan Peter Cayetano sa problema ni Jose Pepito Cayetano, wala, but definitely Migs Zubiri knows about Davao. Unfortunately there are few candidates from the south, and thus their chance of winning is also small.

With all those kakaininis scenarios, who would be my candidate for the senate?

Pichay….not because pangarap nyang tuparin ang mga pangarap ko, but because taga surigao sya. (Mindanao)

Migs Zubiri…..kahit medyo mahina ang kanyang recall (sana kumuha na rin sya ng artista to endorse him so that his chances of winning will improve), dahil taga bukidnon.(Mindanao)

Pimentel…kahit dynastic, di bale, for practical consideration na lang.. dahil taga Cagayan de oro and kanyang tatay.

Kiram…for obvios reason

Escudero…despite his  dadadada…dahil his from bicol region.

Singson….because he espouses empowerment to the lgu’s

Magsaysay…for same reason with singson’s

Defensor…young and skillful as a politician

Bakit sila? because with them parang may slim chance ang change that we hope for. The old and the tested are proven and tested to do nothing but protect themselves and their interest. and of course their benefactor.


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