Posted by: luvin | February 27, 2007


An american journalist likened their elections to a highschool popularity contest. It is a selection process that elects the person who knows how make good faces in front of a camera, someone who knows how to collect the funds. It is not difficult to think why people in Middle east dies by thousands, but then they are not alone, in america they die, too, because of bombs, and threath.  They grow paranoid, they developed hypertension, all because of flawed policies in the guise of protecting america. As if other people are not worth their salt. What a pathetic policy, that have its origin to a faulty electoral system.

 This is also true in the philippines. Actors and other stars are throwing their hats in the arena because they are the savior of the troubled land. After winning what? They would pass a minted bill (papers works are left to researchers and consultants), with them as the major sponsors, without clear understanding of the bill.

Every body have their own agenda. Mar  Roxas is all intent on running for the Presidency, so is Manny Villar.  Escudero is aiming of the vice presidency, so is Gordon. Why? what will happen to this country if they become the president? Do they really think that they could save this county? Magpakatotoo naman kayo. (read, mahiya naman kayo).


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