Posted by: luvin | February 21, 2007

Who said Elephant can’t dance

Who said elephant can’t dance, the book written by IBM CEO, Lou Gerstner is an interesting read. In it he revealed his strategies, and methodologies on how he turned a sinking ship into a profitable enterprise.

The most interesting side thought, (for me at least, as a filipino),  is the applicability of his ideas with Philippine economy. The company was bleeding to death when he arrived at IBM. Similarly, the Philippine economy is also bleeding due to internal corruption and external debt, with interest alone that is more than what the  tax collectors could handle. Of course tax collection is not the real solution here, but it is one major revenue source of any government, that means its efficiency is tantamount to a corporate profitability.

 It is a good read, and I would recommend it for people in the sinking governemt.


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