Posted by: luvin | February 16, 2007

Philippine Economy

President Arroyo felt bad when asked why the billionaires during Marcos’ time are still the same; Tan, Sy, Gokongwei, Ty, Ayala, Cojuanco…And some inquiring calumnist entimated that because the government is not doing enough. It is bad that some people can’t seem to see the positive. Our writing cruz’es would only laugh when reminded of this penchant. Well, we can not blame them entirely, because they are just extensions of the old Marcos regime. Father forgive them. READ your statistics fellow. People will not im’diately enjoy the benifits. Unless of course if you are asking a miracle. It took years to damage your country, so it will also take years to repair it.

 The fact is, reporters are now asking about the billionaires which means that your country is now pioise for take off. two years ago nobody ever asked that question. When somebody inquired about the billionaires, it means that some  people are interested to break the monopoly of those select few. Congratulations filipino people.


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