Posted by: luvin | February 13, 2007


The advances in artificial intelligence is fascinating, and their is not doubt that it will come. The only question is when will it come. It is interesting to note what will happen to other business that depends on human intelligence as their core business. Like auditing firms, and other back office jobs that are currently outsource to other countries. (The BPO business)

 Chess games programs have improve so much that it is generally accepted that a player will become a better player if he/she trains using a computer. Weather forecasting and advance designs in cars and aircraft building are now done using computers. There is no doubt, computer aided AI, could be of great help to knowledge workers.

With these scenarios, BPO businesses will rely more on high end computers, displacing thousands of workers in India, Philippines, and even China.

The high end is that people will have more time to deal with more important matters matters that have direct bearing to his/her well being. Unlike the present set up where human lifestyle are adjusted to the needs of the industry.


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